The Cosplayer Painting Project

Jonathan Carroll as Batman - 2012

Tifanny Antrim as Catwoman - 2012

Miracole Burns as Wonder Woman - 2012

Allouette Cosplay as Elizabeth Bathory

Chris Burns as the Red Skull - 2012

BelleChere as Vampirella - 2012

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais as Ms. Marvel - 2012

Ms. Mars as Leeloo - 2012

Meg as Valkyrie - 2012

Alouette Cosplay as Batwoman - 2013

Abby Dark-Star as Poison Ivy - 2013

David Terres as the Joker - 2013

Jessica Nova as Harley Quinn - 2013

Kirsten Holt as Death - Watercolor on paper - 22x28 inches

Portrait of Shea Standefer as Aayla Secura - Watercolor on paper, 18x24 inches

"Portrait of Jessica Steele as Sweet Pea" Watercolor - 18x22 inches

Portrait of Tia Rodemeyer as Aayla Secura - Watercolor on paper

Series of 11 watercolor painting featuring the some of the best Cosplayer and their amazing costumes.

portraits, watercolor, cosplay, megacon, orlando